we're all trapped now.
before we felt horrible, left out
but now we're trapped.
and we'd do anything to be free

this world puts big pictures up:
big pictures, pretty people.
-and you'd better be a pretty person
or the world won't look at you-

and we can't have that, can we.

if we're ourselves
they might find us out
scrape the inside
and discover everything
behind that pretty person look.

if we're ourselves,
we might get left alone,
we might show our worst,
we might lose everything
after exposing everything.
we might as well die.

but if we're ourselves,
-if we're really ourselves-
then we can know
that if we love,
if we trust,
if we care,
then that love is true,
that trust is strong,
and that care is unshakeable

because if we're ourselves,
there's no fake,
no mirage,
no pretty-people poster
to lie about who we're loving.


this wonderful truth

can't get you out of my head
you keep on floating back
in dreams, in soft waking,
in memories of yesterday

the whole wide world can wait.
wait, as we take a moment
just a second to hope in what we know
to dream this wonderful truth
the reality of you and me.