if it were a perfect world, this place...
we would never doubt the right,
never keep the wrong
time would fly and heaven come:
a perfect, perfect world

but time we lack. in fear we race.
too short our lives to stay the fight;
young, never quite strong
to face our fears and learn
from this imperfectly perfect world


the stage

We all enjoy it, don't we?
being young.
eyeing and being eyes.
wanting and having:
wanting, then leaving.

boys are still boys
girls still girls
throw in your dice
and see who you get

whoever looks first
is the one you chase
and the ones you see,
you chase them, too.

on a constant prowl
catch and release
never good enough:
nothing's ever enough

it's all a big game
but nobody wins.
just keep gambling and rambling
until you wind up out.

look at you.
propaganda for yourself.
what have we become?
who are you anymore?

was this your dream?
no ideals, no stature.
just a shiny red image
to hide behind?

to keep up
like you owe it to them
like it's who you are

like they're more than just audience
for the act you put on
just to keep up



I miss the ocean
those blues and colors
all the directions,
no hiding, all open and waiting

yes, there is deep
but deep can be sounded
if we really try
if we really try

yeah there's dark, there's scary
but only in the dark
and with some fear
do we find truth and love

I hate assuming ponds
and snorkeling on the surface
when there's so much more
so much more

yes, I'm the ocean,
sound me if you can
and I'll plunge in deep
dive in hard after you